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Can you help me find this movie?

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Can you help me find this movie?

Postby donnieclark » Wed May 24, 2017 4:47 am

I was watching Live P.D and a scene from a movie just popped in my head and I cannot figure out what movie it would be from and I can't really explain it that well so here goes...

In the movie there are 2 cops, (can't remember the actors) they go into this halfway house to talk with a guy (I think he's mentally ill and he thinks he's an undercover cop) and the somehow they come up with the idea to "fake" arrest him to get the guy house of the house. So they talk loud like they're arresting the guy and they bring him out of the house and the cops say something like "everyone move back we got a real bad one here) I am not exactly sure why they say. Please Help. Thanks !
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