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How come Will and Lyra wouldn't help Lord Asriel?

This forum is for all stuff related to the final book in the trilogy: The Amber Spyglass.

How come Will and Lyra wouldn't help Lord Asriel?

Postby coulterfan692 » Sat Jul 23, 2011 1:07 pm

I don't really understand why Will and Lyra were set on NOT helping Lord Asriel. Even before Lyra had talked to Will about going to the World of the Dead they both refused to do anything. I don't really understand why. Lyra saw some of the horrors of what the church does so you think she would want to fight against them. Will spent the entirety of TSK looking for his father who he'd longed for his whole childhood and then didn't even listen to him! So does anyone know why they did this??
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Re: How come Will and Lyra wouldn't help Lord Asriel?

Postby dannyyyy » Sat Jul 23, 2011 2:36 pm

Well, didn't Asriel kill Roger, who Lyra liked?
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Re: How come Will and Lyra wouldn't help Lord Asriel?

Postby JohnT » Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:13 pm

The simple answer to why Lyra didn't go down to Lord Asriel is because the aleithiometer didn't tell her to. It told her that going down to the World of the Dead instead was the right thing to do.

Page 213 of my copy of TAS (chapter 18) directly states that the Aleithiometer told her that going to the land of the dead was the "right thing to do"... and clearly the question was asked in the context of the other things "we should be doing".

So basically, Dust must have decided that telling Lyra to go down to World of the Dead would give it a better chance at surviving than having her go direct to Lord Asriel. Or who knows... maybe it didn't quite give Dust the best chance at surviving, but, saving the ghosts WAS "the right thing to do".

Oh and I think she definitely would have gone to Lord Asriel if the Aleithiometer had told her to. She decided like 1/3 of the way into TSK to pretty much do everything it told her to. Besides, she was rightfully furious at her father for what he did, but she's not stupid (she's actually undoubtedly a genius)... she understood the reason he killed Roger. It would have been very unlike her character to disobey the aleithiometer and not see Lord Asriel.
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Re: How come Will and Lyra wouldn't help Lord Asriel?

Postby CND313 » Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:13 am

as she's coming of age, she's going against her father's wishes. she was not raised by him. in fact he was a stern authoritarian figure in her life on the occasion that they crossed paths in her childhood. she didn't exactly have loyalty to him.

the entire point of the series is free will (yep, Will's name...). this was her practicing her free will to do what she felt was best (and what the alethiometer told her to do) rather than this authority figure's wishes.
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