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Lee Scoresby Wow

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Lee Scoresby Wow

Postby JoeClark » Tue Sep 12, 2017 10:09 am

Ok I first read these books when I was 15/16 I think so that was four years ago now, I am going through the books again now a much more mature and emotional man (I cried at the end of Gladiator and Bridge to terbithia haha) and having just finished the second book have to say the bit with Lee Dieing blew me away, yes it is so sad but not just that the way it is written is amazing.

I love the connection between Hester and Lee the way they are such a good unit and work together you can really feel the bond between them and it is so sad as you know what is coming fantastic writing I am sure all this has been said but that is my two pence worth.

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