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Mrs Coulter's Life Revealed in New Audiobook

Item published on 26th Dec 2014. 0 comments.

Ever wanted to know more about Mrs. Coulter's world-hopping? Now you can in Philip Pullman's new audiobook.

ISBN: 9780385604413

Item published on 19th Jul 2011. 1 comment.

A wild Book of Dust ISBN appears, together with information on the publisher!

Philip Pullman Fundraising Event for Brent's Libraries

Item published on 18th Jul 2011. 0 comments.

Philip Pullman will be speaking at an event to raise funds to save Brent’s libraries. The event will take place on Wednesday 20 July, 7pm in Queens Park Community School hall.

Philip Pullman at HowTheLightGetsIn 2011

Item published on 17th May 2011. 0 comments.

On June 5th Philip will be at the HowTheLightGetsIn festival's panel The Great Escape talking about fantasy in writing and film.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Weitz' First Draft of The Golden Compass

Item published on 3rd Apr 2011. 3 comments.

Ever wondered what The Golden Compass could have looked like? Read director Chris Weitz' first draft of the script and find out.

Philip Pullman takes a stand for public libraries, teases the Book of Dust

Item published on 28th Jan 2011. 3 comments.

HDM writer casually confirms that The Book of Dust is still a work in progress while crusading against public library reforms.

Philip Pullman Debate at St Mary's Church in Barnes

Item published on 17th Oct 2010. 0 comments.

Philip Pullman will be debating with Richard Harries on his book The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ this Friday.

Ask Philip Pullman Anything: Tonight on the BBC World Service

Item published on 15th Jul 2010. 1 comment.

Philip will be on the BBC's Have Your Say program. Here's your chance to put your questions to the author of His Dark Materials.

Bid on Dakota Blue Richards' Artwork for Charity

Item published on 19th Jun 2010. 3 comments.

Ever wanted to own a drawing by the star of The Golden Compass? Now you can, while raising money for a great cause.

Review: The Good Man Jesus And The Scoundrel Christ

Item published on 31st Mar 2010. 4 comments.

This book is a cracking read for a quiet afternoon, and suggests how religion itself was not at fault, but the organisation thereof was it’s demise. To quote Pullman, it is a story about how stories are made.

Philip Pullman creates a darker Christ in new assault on the church

Item published on 26th Mar 2010. 3 comments.

In the bestselling His Dark Materials books, author Philip Pullman depicted the church as a corrupt and murderous bureaucracy and God as senile, frail and impotent. And, despite condemnation by the Christian right, Pullman has now taken on the Gospels directly.

Pullman at Oxford Literary Festival

Item published on 7th Mar 2010. 3 comments.

Updated appearances with Philip Pullman at the festival, including the talk from his new book, an interview on His Dark Materials, and plenty more from the author.

Pullman Appearances for Spring / Summer 2010

Item published on 2nd Mar 2010. 0 comments.

In conjunction with the release of his upcoming book The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ, Philip Pullman will be making a number of appearances at literary events across Europe.

Tesco Sets up Film Studio to Adapt Hit Novels

Item published on 9th Feb 2010. 10 comments.

The British supermarket chain is making a move to adapt films based on books by author Philip Pullman, Jackie Collins, and Dick Francis. A screenplay of one of Pullman's Sally Lockhart novels is being developed.

Special Editions of À Outrance

Item published on 3rd Feb 2010. 0 comments.

Proceeds to benefit HIV/AIDS sufferers in Africa

Theatre Run for Clockwork

Item published on 11th Jan 2010. 0 comments.

The ADC Theatre is performing a limited run of an adaptation of Philip Pullman's Clockwork.

Weitz on The Golden Compass

Item published on 1st Dec 2009. 10 comments.

When The Golden Compass movie made it to the big screen, the ending wasn't the only part of the movie that was missing. In an interview with Variety, Director Chris Weitz revealed his true decreasing involvement in The Golden Compass movie as it neared completion.

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ

Item published on 8th Sep 2009. 2 comments.

Set for publishing April, 2010, Philip Pullman's new book promises an exploration into the nature of Jesus, and his transformation into "the Scoundrel Christ."

Happy 6th Birthday!

Item published on 1st Sep 2009. 2 comments.

We've been around for 6 years, and we're more committed than ever.

Watch Philip Pullman Work In Oxfam For Bookfest This Saturday

Item published on 30th Jun 2009. 0 comments.

Philip Pullman will be working at the Oxfam in St Giles next Saturday for Bookfest.

Philip Pullman Has Lost His Job (At DFC)

Item published on 12th Apr 2009. 0 comments.

The David Fickling Comic has shut down, meaning Philip Pullman will no longer work there. However, hope might be on the horizon.

Birmingham Repertory Theatre Company and West Yorkshire Playhouse present His Dark Materials

Item published on 11th Apr 2009. 1 comment.

The Nicholas Wright theatre adaptation of His Dark Materials begins a run that starts in Birmingham and ends with a UK tour. Special events include actor talk back and a discussion with author Philip Pullman.

Rhythm & Hues VFG Golden Compass Display For Sale

Item published on 24th Mar 2009. 0 comments.

Rhythm & Hues are selling a full size theater display from the movie The Golden Compass, signed by the whole Golden Compass team.

Eight Parts up for Grabs in Stage Production

Item published on 21st Feb 2009. 2 comments.

The His Dark Materials theatre production comes to Oxford. Oxford Mail reports: OXFORD author Philip Pullman is urging young actors to audition for a…

The Scarecrow and his Servant Theatre Review

Item published on 19th Dec 2008. 0 comments.

This review from the Southward News of the stage adaptation of Philip Pullman's The Scarecrow and his Servant describes the performance as "truly magical."

Inkheart — Our Review

Item published on 9th Dec 2008. 3 comments.

Our review of New Line Cinema's movie Inkheart, based on the book by German author Cornelia Funke, judges the film to be a solid family movie, albeit slightly less epic than other fantasy fare.

Inkheart — Where Are We Now?

Item published on 3rd Dec 2008. 1 comment.

It's been a while. Remember way back when wirework with witches filled sets and men dressed as Bolvangar guards could be seen on lunch breaks? When the…

Put your questions to Philip Pullman

Item published on 3rd Dec 2008. 0 comments.

BBC News reports: Philip Pullman, author of the His Dark Materials trilogy, is one of the world's best-known children's writers. He has won several awards…

Stars Book a Place at Literary Festival

Item published on 25th Oct 2008. 0 comments.

Liverpool Echo reports: Literary giants including Philip Pullman and AS Byatt are heading for Liverpool next week. The University of Liverpool organised…

Happy Birthday Philip Pullman

Item published on 19th Oct 2008. 8 comments.

Philip Pullman, author of His Dark Materials, turns 62 today, 19 October, 2008. Warm Birthday wishes and all the best from the staff of HisDarkMaterials.org.…

Writing for Children Gives Freedom

Item published on 17th Oct 2008. 0 comments.

The Liverpool Daily Post sat down for an interview with Philip Pullman where they talked writing, age banding, and bringing back some familiar characters…

Pullman Protests Britain's Proposed "Anti-Terror" Detention Laws

Item published on 13th Oct 2008. 0 comments.

Britain's Counter Terrorism Bill proposes to extend the maximum period for detaining suspects without charge to 42 days from the current 28 days. The UK currently has, by far, the most stringent pre-charge…

Pullman wins battle to stop development at historic Oxford boatyard

Item published on 10th Oct 2008. 0 comments.

Campaigners led by Philip Pullman, the author of Northern Lights, are celebrating victory in a battle with developers over the fate of a historic Oxford…

Dakota Blue's New Projects

Item published on 6th Oct 2008. 6 comments.

In addition to the upcoming fantasy filmThe Secret of Moonacre, Dakota Blue Richards will also be staring in the BBC adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson's…

Pullman glad that HDM is one of the most "challenged" books in America

Item published on 29th Sep 2008. 5 comments.

The Golden Compass has ranked 4th in the American Library Association's list of most challenged books for 2007 and Philip Pullman has written an article…

HisDarkMaterials.org Turns 5 Today

Item published on 1st Sep 2008. 10 comments.

We can hardly believe it's been this long, but as HisDarkMaterials.org was officially founded on September 1st, 2003, this marks our fifth anniversary.…

High Hopes for The Golden Compass Sequel

Item published on 27th Jul 2008. 36 comments.

Author Philip Pullman spoke to Oxford Mail about the chances of The Subtle Knife appearing on screen. He said that he had spoken to The Golden Compass…

Once Again, A New Server

Item published on 20th Jul 2008. 3 comments.

We are pleased to announce that the website has been successfully moved to our new server. Compliments go to Nick Stallman for his excellent work. At…

Christian protests may leave Philip Pullman's trilogy as one of a kind

Item published on 18th Jul 2008. 19 comments.

The Independent reports: Perhaps it has disappeared through a window into another universe, like its characters. It looked increasingly unlikely yesterday…

Rowling Says No to Age Banding

Item published on 3rd Jul 2008. 14 comments.

The Campaign against age banding, led by Philip Pullman, gained additional support as well-known Harry Potter author JK Rowling joined the online petition.…


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