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Pullman at Oxford Literary Festival

As reported previously, Pullman will be appearing at the Oxford Literary Festival in conjunction with his upcoming book The Good Man Jesus and The Scoundrel Christ. The Oxford Literary Festival runs from 20-28 March, below are the events Pullman is appearing at.

Saturday, 20th March 2010 10:00am

Fantastical Truths: Philip Pullman, Malorie Blackman and Frances Hardinge, Chaired by Nicolette Jones 

Located at Christ Church

In a rare gathering of exceptional talents, Malorie Blackman, Frances Hardinge and Philip Pullman discuss what fantasy can tell us about reality. Malorie Blackman's bestselling Noughts and Crosses quartet considers big themes of race, terrorism and social equality in a hypothetical world. Pullman's hugely inventive epic trilogy His Dark Materials embraces philosophy and religion. And his fellow Oxford graduate, the award-winning novelist Frances Hardinge, writes acclaimed pseudo-historical fantasies, including Gullstruck Island, which reveal much about ourselves. Chaired by Sunday Times children's books reviewer Nicolette Jones.

[from The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival website]


Saturday, 20th March 2010 2:00pm

The Fantasy Tradition in Oxford

Located at Christ Church

For nearly 150 years Oxford writers of fantasy have enthralled readers around the world. From Charles Dodgson's Alice in Wonderland, published in 1865, through to Tolkien's The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, and CS Lewis's Narnia series, the city has inspired a bewitching succession of novelists who have entranced us all.

Philip Pullman, the award-winning author of the His Dark Materials trilogy, joins William Horwood, author of Hyddenworld, to discuss the fantasy tradition in Oxford

[from The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival website]


Tuesday, 23th March 2010 4:00pm

RSL First Story: Philip Pullman, Kate Clanchy, Helen Cross, William Fiennes, Katie Waldegrave

Located at Christ Church

'Writing,' says Philip Pullman, 'can liberate and strengthen young people's sense of themselves as almost nothing else can.' First Story, a charity which arranges for acclaimed authors to work as writers-in-residence in challenging state schools, has now launched in three schools in Oxford. At this special event, Philip discusses how creative writing can transform lives with First Story's Katie Waldegrave and writers Kate Clanchy, Helen Cross and William Fiennes, and introduces readings from pupils taking part in the project.

Organised by The Royal Society of Literature and First Story

[from The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival website]


Saturday, 27th March 2010 12:00pm

Philip Pullman Teen Interview: Anouchka Harris talks to Philip Pullman

Located at Christ Church Cathedral School

Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy has been much praised and commented upon by adults, but here is an opportunity for a more youthful perspective on his epic about Lyra and Will, Yorek Byrnisson, Lee Scoresby, Roger, Serafina Pekkala, Ma Costa, Mrs Coulter and Lord Asriel, and their daemons. Philip Pullman will be interviewed by 16-year-old Anouchka Harris about the trilogy.  There will also be an opportunity for audience members to ask their own questions.

[from The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival website]


Sunday, 28th March 2010 12:00pm

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ: Philip Pullman

Located at the Sheldonian Theatre

Canongate's celebrated The Myths series brings together some of the world's finest writers, each of whom has retold a myth in a contemporary and memorable way.

In The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, Philip Pullman - the award-winning author of His Dark Materials - offers a spellbinding retelling of the life of Jesus, possibly the most influential story ever told.

Pullman's radical new take on the myths and mysteries of the gospels, and on the church that has shaped the course of the last two millennia, asks the reader questions that will continue to reverberate long after the final page is turned. For, above all, this is a book about how stories become stories.

Pullman has said that his new book is part novel, part history and part fairy tale. Today he discusses it for the first time.

Prices for this event vary from £35 to £10

[from The Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival website]


Events are selling out already, purchase tickets online in advance from the festival website, or call the box office for event tickets.

Sunday Times Oxford Literary Festival:


Box Office: 0870 343 1001




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It would be so fantastic to live around there and attend events like these on a regular basis! There are a lot that looked interesting I’d be checking out one on Carl Jung (anima/animus), the workshops look very popular, and even Peter Hitchens is there! (aw you all remember him, right? He’s very quotable)

# Posted by Phit on 15:47, 7 March 2010

Phit's avatar

The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ event looks very interesting. We might be sending someone.

# Posted by Ryan on 0:47, 8 March 2010

Ryan's avatar

Ooh this looks good, I’ll definitely be going to some of these events.

# Posted by Rachel on 0:05, 10 March 2010

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