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Special Editions of À Outrance

Woodcut artists Chris Daunt, Harry Brockway and Andy English have been specially commisioned to create the art for special editions of the "À Outrance" chapter of The Northern Lights (known to Americans as The Golden Compass). These gorgeous editions are being sold in three limited editions, with profits to benifit child HIV/AIDS sufferes in africa. One may also purchase either individual or sets of woodcut prints. These special editions are being publised by Oak Tree Fine Press whom donate all their profits to organisations assisting children living with or affected by HIV/AIDS. The most detailed and expensive of these books, the Ruscombe letterpress art editions, will be on display at the Bodleian Library in Oxford in a small temporary exhibition. There are also two less extravagant editions.

If you are thinking about pucrchasing a special edition, or want more information.

For some pictures of these gorgeous carvings

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