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The Golden Compass: Academy Award Winner, Best Visual Effects

The Golden Compass is the winner in Best Visual Effects for the 80th Annual Academy Awards.

The team behind the visual effects is made up of Supervisor Mike Fink, Bill Westenhofer (Rhythm & Hues), Ben Morris (Framestore CFC), and Trevor Wood.

Congratulations hug Congratulations hug 2

Mike Fink receiving congratulatory hugs after they announced the Oscar


The winners receive their Oscars

Other category nominees were:

The Golden Compass was also nominated in the category for Best Art Direction (Dennis Gassner). The award went to Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

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Congratulations to the whole team for their amazing work on TGC film and Congrats on beating Transformers

# Posted by TowerDragon on 2:24, 25 February 2008

TowerDragon's avatar

that’s so great to hear!! I can’t believe it beat out pirates. but congrats to the team behind it!

# Posted by shilshadu on 2:31, 25 February 2008

shilshadu's avatar

The most deserved award of the evening!

# Posted by consciousparticles on 10:37, 25 February 2008

consciousparticles's avatar

And everybody thought Transformers had this one locked up!

So great to see Mike Fink getting his first Oscar after decades in the biz, R&H;being awarded for their truly first-rate character animation, and Framestore CFC joining the ranks of the Oscar-winning studios.

Not to mention being able to refer to TGC as an ACADEMY AWARD WINNER, and in a category that truly does matter! Wish Gassner won too, as his work was much more intriguing than Feretti’s on Todd, but I suppose every major film had to get something.

Except Transformers, heh.

# Posted by Seretur on 12:09, 25 February 2008

Well deserved, let’s hope that we get a few more in the next one :P

# Posted by ArcT on 12:24, 25 February 2008

ArcT's avatar

Well said Seretur!  I remember one of his first films he supervised the FX for was “The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Acroos The 8th Dimension”.

# Posted by consciousparticles on 18:53, 25 February 2008

consciousparticles's avatar

I was so happy that TGC won!  And I also thought it was cool when they were showing how the winners are picked, and they had this little scene in a movie theater where they were using Golden Compass popcorn bags, so I thought that was pretty cool too!

# Posted by Lyra Fan on 19:58, 25 February 2008

Lyra Fan's avatar

This is an award which is well deserved. The visual effects were absolutely brilliant.
Well done to all concerned.

# Posted by Jessica99 on 22:27, 25 February 2008

Jessica99's avatar

this is amazing and should greatly help the film and potentially sway NL into sequels here’s hoping

o and on a related note part of the editorial review of TGC platinum DVD on amazon says:
It doesn’t finish the book, however, and—much like The Fellowship of the Ring did—leaves the viewer hanging in anticipation of the next film, The Subtle Knife, due in 2009.

Notice the last part here’s hoping that they know what they’re talking about

# Posted by warbeak13 on 0:16, 26 February 2008

I’ll admit, I actually cried when TGC was announced as the winner.

Was I the only one irked by the fact that the team failed to thank Pullman, or am I just being fanatical?

# Posted by CS on 1:41, 26 February 2008

CS's avatar

They did thank PP.

“...thanks to Phil Pullman…”

# Posted by JoeSchmo on 2:06, 26 February 2008

JoeSchmo's avatar

Mike Fink thanked “Phil Pullman”.  He was the first person mentioned.

# Posted by consciousparticles on 6:55, 26 February 2008

consciousparticles's avatar

TGC beat out two films whose FX were done primarily by Industrial Light And Magic.  Pretty cool!

# Posted by consciousparticles on 6:56, 26 February 2008

consciousparticles's avatar

this is great! I couldn’t believe when they anounced it! beautiful!
and now, with one award and another nomination, i’m sure TSK is coming to life :D sweet!

# Posted by daemon_hadevir on 11:04, 26 February 2008

daemon_hadevir's avatar

GREAT!!! I was screaming ‘Hurray’ jumping up & down in excitement (my poor sister, it was about 5 am here in St Petersburg!!)! I thought it was locked 2 go to Trans (Im a huge Pirates fan but this is not their year obviously) but then this HUGE pleasant surprise has come!!! Btw, one of the critics in TV studio who commented on the event said how happy he was about GC win and wanted 2 see the seqwel! So we are not alone!

P.S. Besides showing popcorn bags they showed members of the academy seeing a special (I suppose) GS screening. It was a scene with Eva flying at the beginning. It was so cool 2 see smth of GC included in Oscar cerem footage.

# Posted by Elvenstar on 11:43, 26 February 2008

A picture of Nicole Kidman as Ms. Coulter was also shown during the joke about actresses that are currently pregnant.

# Posted by consciousparticles on 17:22, 26 February 2008

consciousparticles's avatar

I’m so happy!It was totally deserved, and it is always good to see an Oscar coming to the first movie of a trilogy(crossing our fingers for the other two,obviously!)...I wish I could have seen the entire cerimony, though!

# Posted by Lyrael on 10:12, 1 March 2008

Lyrael's avatar

Here’s a funny Oscar fact.

The Golden Compass 1, Shawshank Redemption 0

# Posted by Jezza on 22:33, 12 February 2011

I predict that we may see Subtle Knife being filmed in around 2013 mainly because the Potter/Twilight fad will be over once and for all.

Add in that the inevitably huge ammount of superhero films, digimations from Dreamworks, Pixar etc and tons of comedies, most of which are likely to be wannabies of The Hangover.

All of this will make Subtle Knife seem more refreshing than usual.

# Posted by Jezza on 22:40, 12 February 2011

I admire your optimism, but I really don’t see anything ever happening with The Subtle Knife. UNLESS they find new actors/actresses to play the kids, which would be a buzzkill in my book : \

# Posted by LoveBitesLoveBleeds on 2:51, 7 March 2011


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