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Corgi The Golden Compass Action Figures

Review published on 7th Dec 2007. 0 comments.

Corgi’s line of 3.75-inch action figures rate a "best buy" in my book. Each figure is carefully packaged in a blisterpack that is best opened by using…

The Golden Compass Write-up

Review published on 3rd Dec 2007. 0 comments.

We started Tuesday the 27th in the wonderful hotel room in the Millennium. Three beds and a sofabed, and not one was being used. Yes, your faithful sraffie…

The Golden Compass

Review published on 26th Nov 2007. 0 comments.

An Obsessive Compulsive Review of The Golden Compass (with spoilers) So as part of my spontaneous invitation from our noble website admins to join them…

The Golden Compass

Review published on 26th Nov 2007. 0 comments.

When I first heard about the possibility of a "Northern Lights" movie (Which is still how I think of it today, in spite of its Americanisation) I was…

The Golden Compass

Review published on 26th Nov 2007. 0 comments.

Fantasy is a genre that is often extremely difficult to pull off well. Primarily, there is a requirement to engage the audience in the unknown –…

The Golden Compass Review for Non-Readers

Review published on 25th Nov 2007. 0 comments.

Take The Golden Compass from the Dark Materials, put it on the silver screen and what could the resulting mix become but a veritable spectrum of cinematic…

The Golden Compass Review for His Dark Materials readers

Review published on 25th Nov 2007. 0 comments.

The following review is only meant for readers of the books, as it contains quite some references and spoilers. Stay tuned for our non-readers review!…

Music to Our Ears: The Golden Compass Soundtrack

Review published on 25th Nov 2007. 0 comments.

The soundtrack to the Golden Compass lies, as the book does, with recurring themes. The key of each piece within the music seems relatively similar to…

The Golden Soundtrack

Review published on 19th Nov 2007. 1 comment.

Introduction Over the past years HisDarkMaterials.org has covered many aspects of The Golden Compass’ production. However, there was one facet that…

The Golden Compass Tie-in Books

Review published on 19th Nov 2007. 0 comments.

I purchased all these books at a local Barnes and Noble, which had a dedicated display that showcased Philip Pullman’s The Golden Compass, the official…

Discovering The Golden Compass

Review published on 9th Oct 2007. 0 comments.

I’ll admit after reading a number of His Dark Materials guides that went about categorizing author Philip Pullman’s science or rendering his…

Women in His Dark Materials

Essay published on 2nd Oct 2007. 2 comments.

On his website, Philip Pullman wrote a note on the film, in which he praises Anand Tucker’s approach as a director: But the best thing from the point…

The Science Of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials

Review published on 22nd Sep 2007. 0 comments.

Mary and John Gribbin's The Science of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials is a nice starting companion for young readers interested in discovering more…

Dust in His Dark Materials

Essay published on 25th Jul 2007. 1 comment.

Dust is the central concept of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, the purpose of all its action and the great philosophical explanation behind…

Dæmon on the Spot

Op-ed published on 12th May 2007. 0 comments.

With the rapidly-approaching film adaptation of the first His Dark Materials novel, The Golden Compass (Northern Lights), popularity will naturally spring.…

How Philip Pullman Develops the Characters Lyra and Will in His Dark Materials

Essay published on 7th May 2007. 1 comment.

Introduction Philip Pullman is a storyteller, who believes that stories are an integral part of human nature. Although he is not a fantasy writer, Pullman…

Weitz a Winner!

Op-ed published on 3rd May 2007. 0 comments.

Time magazine. Possibly THE magazine to read, in this day and age, and finally, the His Dark Materials films have arrived. Although not without a splash;…

Facing the Challenges?

Op-ed published on 30th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

Well, at least we can see sense sometimes. Not complete sense, I have to say, but it’s a start. Nobody very nearly beat Chris Weitz to the top spot…

Where Viewing Brings Meaning

Op-ed published on 28th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

The artist Cezanne once said, "With an apple I will astonish Paris." A man who could elevate the simplistic to a resonance and binding where we'd call…


Op-ed published on 26th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

Yes, right here on HisDarkMaterials.org, the number 1 fansite for the books, the films, and now the game! New Line have commissioned Sega to create what…


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