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Lyra’s Parents

Essay published on 16th Dec 2007. 17 comments.

Part I - First Impressions Together. It's tough to say if Marisa and Asriel loved each other. They both had the passion and child right? Well maybe there…

Women in His Dark Materials

Essay published on 2nd Oct 2007. 2 comments.

On his website, Philip Pullman wrote a note on the film, in which he praises Anand Tucker’s approach as a director: But the best thing from the point…

Dust in His Dark Materials

Essay published on 25th Jul 2007. 1 comment.

Dust is the central concept of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials, the purpose of all its action and the great philosophical explanation behind…

How Philip Pullman Develops the Characters Lyra and Will in His Dark Materials

Essay published on 7th May 2007. 1 comment.

Introduction Philip Pullman is a storyteller, who believes that stories are an integral part of human nature. Although he is not a fantasy writer, Pullman…

Whose Dark Materials?

Essay published on 15th Apr 2007. 1 comment.

Following the article "Why their Dark Materials might not be your Dark Materials," I would like to invite you to share a little thought experiment with…

Why Their Dark Materials Might Not Be Your Dark Materials

Essay published on 28th Jan 2007. 0 comments.

Introduction Most people who have read Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” are looking forward to seeing Chris Weitz’ adaptation in cinemas…

Finding Your Dæmon

Essay published on 28th Apr 2004. 12 comments.

Part one An article about daemons. Its funny, there seem to be so many bits and pieces of info out there but nothing as yet that I can find to be a good…


Essay published on 30th Jan 2004. 0 comments.

Today I’m going to talk about perspective. I read a thread on Cittagàzze which originally was meant to talk about the controversy of HDM, however,…


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