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The Identity of God

Op-ed published on 3rd Feb 2010. 13 comments.

Why The Authority is not God, and why His Dark Materials is not anti-religious at all.

Intercision - Coming Soon To a World Near You?

Op-ed published on 13th Oct 2008. 9 comments.

In Philip Pullman’s trilogy of novels, His Dark Materials, the characters travel between many worlds existing in parallel universes. In one of these…

Practise What You Preach

Op-ed published on 11th Dec 2007. 14 comments.

For a man who wants to talk so badly, Bill Donahue sure does have his narrow-slitted helmet tightly fitted. In a request sent two months ago, both The…

Dæmon on the Spot

Op-ed published on 12th May 2007. 0 comments.

With the rapidly-approaching film adaptation of the first His Dark Materials novel, The Golden Compass (Northern Lights), popularity will naturally spring.…

Weitz a Winner!

Op-ed published on 3rd May 2007. 0 comments.

Time magazine. Possibly THE magazine to read, in this day and age, and finally, the His Dark Materials films have arrived. Although not without a splash;…

Facing the Challenges?

Op-ed published on 30th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

Well, at least we can see sense sometimes. Not complete sense, I have to say, but it’s a start. Nobody very nearly beat Chris Weitz to the top spot…

Where Viewing Brings Meaning

Op-ed published on 28th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

The artist Cezanne once said, "With an apple I will astonish Paris." A man who could elevate the simplistic to a resonance and binding where we'd call…


Op-ed published on 26th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

Yes, right here on HisDarkMaterials.org, the number 1 fansite for the books, the films, and now the game! New Line have commissioned Sega to create what…

Déjà Vu

Op-ed published on 23rd Apr 2007. 0 comments.

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a friend in the business. “New Line are making another film! Want to check it out?”. Well, I’d finished my other…


Op-ed published on 19th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

I think it’s time to do something a little different this week. There has been a wonderful influx of news, but sadly, due to some issues with my Internet…

Now they’re releasing a game!?

Op-ed published on 16th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

It had to happen. It really did. They did it with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Harry Potter series, so why not His Dark Materials? Happily, there…

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

Op-ed published on 12th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

The trailer has arrived, giving us a tantalising glimpse at the wonderful world that is now confirmed for release on the 7th of December this year! Filming…

Here We Go Again

Op-ed published on 9th Apr 2007. 0 comments.

Hollywood's got its grubby mitts on yet another trilogy that they're going to beat to death with promises of multi-million-dollar budgets and action figures…


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