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Finding Your Dæmon

Part one

An article about daemons. Its funny, there seem to be so many bits and pieces of info out there but nothing as yet that I can find to be a good guide on finding your own or others daemons.

Ok, yes I know that they are from a story... but you must realise before I continue that finding a daemon isn’t about what kind of animal you might like if you could have one. It is much, much more. Finding your daemon is all about finding out about yourself and facing a few hard truths.

Ok first of all there are a few points I would like to make before I go into specifics.

1. It is my view that since we are human (well I know I am) I think that a daemon would either have to be fast enough to manage a slow run to match a human or small enough to be carried (or of course able to fly). This is basically just so that it fits with the story of HDM and well, to me it just seems more practical. A human couldn’t have a fish daemon could they?

2. Your daemon is the opposite sex to you, unless you are special. PP never went into specifics and he pretty much refuses to confirm what most people are thinking (that is of course that a same-sex daemon implies something about your sexuality) but I don’t agree and don’t much care- if you feel your daemon would be the same sex as you- then that is fine.

Right! Now onto the important stuff- Finding you daemon.

PP has told us that to find your daemon you must ask people who know you well but will give and honest answer- your friends or family. I did but the results I got were so varied that I thought the best way to figure everything out would be to find what I thought about my self and my daemon.

I find that an incredibly simple way to find you own daemon, or at least a place to start is to get a sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle. On one side put your good points and on one side put your bad points. BE HONEST! Remember, everyone has flaws and if you can’t put anything in the bad column then I would put “unable to come to terms with own failure” in for a start!

This is just between you and yourself so make a nice long list and don’t be to hard on yourself either.

Once you have done this take a look at Part Two which will summarise a few of the favourite animals claimed by people as daemons and their characteristics.

Part Two

Here is a list of some of the most common daemons people want. I have highlighted good and bad points here, so read carefully and decide for yourself what you are.

The Cat Family

Ok, so this is the species nearly everyone seems to want, and it’s not hard to understand why really. Cats are smart, friendly and if you get to the bigger members of this family -the lions, tigers and leopards- they have a reputation for being brave, ferocious and regal.

However, there is one simple rule of thumb that I follow when deciding upon a daemon- If you think that you should have a cat, then you are probably egoistic enough to have one.

Yes, cats have their bad points too! They are pretty selfish and lazy and of course do have a certain ego about them. Before you jump on the bandwagon and nab yourself a cat for a daemon, think carefully about yourself, if you still think you’re a cat person then go ahead and take a look at the list:

House cats

In western countries cats are our #2 pet, after dogs. They are cuddly and smart and you don’t need to walk them. Cat people will be affectionate and happy to be around other people. They will also be quite smart, more than averagely intelligent. Cat people will also have a selfish streak and be very protective over their partners or close friends. They generally do quite well in life but they couldn’t possibly have done a day’s hard work for it. Oh yeah, and they will love tuna!

Wild cats

Almost the same as the house cat, but less clingy to other people. A bit of a loner and very, very crafty. Watch out for these ones, they can manipulate others with ease!

Big cats

Powerful, regal, free- these guys get have all the charm, and all the good looks. Who wouldn’t want a silvery snow leopard or beautiful black panther by their side? These people have a big ego - they’re desirable, and they know it- they will like to show off and won’t be able to laugh about themselves. They take themselves very seriously and to be honest, can be quite a group of posers. Big cat people are also honest and make good friends if you stay on the right side of them, just give them a complement every now and again, they’ll lap it up.

Here are a few big cats- lions, tigers, leopards, black panthers, jaguars (they are spotted like leopards by the way, not black), ocelots, lynx cats. There are many more varieties if you want something more individual- try an encyclopaedia.

The Dog Family

Tame dogs

In His Dark Materials, dogs are known to be the daemons of servants, but also of nurses. Dog people are loyal and friendly. They don’t have to serve but they will want to be well liked by others. They can be shy or the complete opposite, stand-offish and unlikely to make new friends. Dog people generally always get on with other dog people really well but they don’t like people who are stuck up or think they are better than them.

Dingoes, Coyotes, Hyenas, Feral dogs

Much like their tame counterparts but they will not be shy, ever. These people are blunt and honest, even if what they say hurts. They don’t worry so much about what others think of them, but they don’t like being on their own. These people will be friendly with friends, but don’t cross them.


Wolves have a reputation akin to the big cats, and of course are a particular favourite with lovers of fantasy. These people are much less selfish and stuck up than cat daemon lovers. They are honest, friendly people and they can be very sociable, but they can also be a bit of a loner. They enjoy their own company, in fact they need it from time to time. They are smart and can be boastful of their intelligence.


Probably the first category that you break people’s daemons up into is birds/everything else. Their is a certain type of person that has a bird and you know, you just know, straight away of they do or not.

Sea birds

Sailors of course have these birds. To have a sea bird daemon you have to be a loner and not get to attached. Sea bird people don’t get tied up in things, they don’t tie themselves down to one job or one group of friends. They don’t get involved in relationships very well, and will rarely have one best friend.

Predatory birds

These people are free-thinkers. Loners again, but think architects, artists or dancers. They have style but find it hard to make friends and will mostly move around different groups rather than have stay with the same people all the time.

Chickens, songbirds and garden birds

Ok, so there would have to be an exception to my loner rule. These people have a category all of their own. They are friendly and above all chatty, I mean these people can gossip for the world! Mostly I think these people would be female, because of the maternal connotations. They can sometimes be irritating and a bit overwhelming and also stick their foot in it and talk without thinking first. Underneath all that though, they have a good heart and don’t mean to be rude.... but I just heard from Sheena down the post office that..........!!

Mammals in all shapes and sizes

Ferrets, stoats and weasels

Famous in their own right as Pantalaemion’s settled form. These people are smart and crafty, they take a while to make friends and always make sure what ever they do has benefits for them. They do have a cuter, friendlier side, but it takes a while to find it, that’s all.

Mice, rats*, squirrels and other small rodents

Timid is the word usually used to describe this group, and they are, but naturally that is not all there is to their personality. They are happiest with best friends rather than large groups and are very productive in any work they do. Once they have set their mind to a task, they will complete it. Rodent people appear innocent and must be careful not to be taken advantage of because of their trusting and welcoming nature.

*Rats are seen as being nasty, but really people- the plague is over and they’re not all bad!

Monkeys, apes and chimps

Another famous category as Ms. Coulter has her infamous golden monkey. Monkey people are smart, very smart. These are probably the smartest people’s daemons (and of course the smartest themselves). The main difference between these people and say the wolf smart is they are quiet about their intelligence. They won’t be quiet about anything else though! These people are talkative when around good friends but can be very quiet amongst strangers.

Gorillas, orang-utans

Very much like the above but they are more sociable, quicker to make friends and they make a lot of jokes. They will be talented in many things from clay modelling to equations and will always be looking to try something new. They can be clumsy.


Bear people are friendly and happiest in a group of good friends. They also need their own time though and get tired of too many people all talking. They like to be at the centre of attention but they don’t force this, they just enjoy it when it comes. They will either be fond of their family or have a large one themselves. Bear people are not touchy-feely but they are not afraid to laugh at themselves at all. Because of this, they don’t really get on with people who take themselves too seriously.


Another popular choice is a horse, to me they seem a bit too large for a daemon but anything goes!

Horse people will have one or two very good friends, they don’t mix too well in a large group. They will be good at relationships and not find it hard to talk to or find partners. They will also get on well with their family, maybe being really close to one member in particular.



Lord Boreal’s daemon is a snake. Thus they are maintaining their stereotype for being a bit nasty and evil. This isn’t really true however. Snake people will want the best for themselves- they always have number one in mind but they will also be protective over their family. They will have good friends, not a large group and these people will be similar to themselves. They won’t be too close to friends but more close to partners and family, especially siblings.


A bit like the snakes, lizard people will have a few good friends. They will be closer to them though and less likely to move on to other people on a whim. They are clever but don’t take jokes very well. They are organised and close to their family and partners. I would give a businessman a lizard daemon.

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I keep picturing my daemon as a raven or a wolf, no matter other considerations I have. Oh, and hyenas aren’t dogs, they’re actually related to cats.

# Posted by KenBrasai on 15:49, 18 April 2008

KenBrasai's avatar

In NL,it says that a sailor had a daemon which settled in in a dolphin shape.

# Posted by Shadowparticles888 on 9:40, 22 August 2008

Shadowparticles888's avatar

While many predatory birds are loners, many member species of the Corvidae family exhibit varying degrees of social behavior. For example, Common or Northern Ravens usually travel in mated pairs. Also, certain subspecies of crow are highly social.

So predatory bird daemons are not necessarily indicative of a person being anti-social, depending on the type of bird.

I would think, though, that the opportunistic nature of these birds is an important factor to consider. Whether opportunism is a virtue or vice can be highly context-dependent, so it’s not necessarily a character flaw, but then again I am biased.

# Posted by huma_ireni on 22:33, 22 September 2008

huma_ireni's avatar

i my self have a wolf daemon who is somewhat anti-social

# Posted by dazza on 2:36, 21 October 2008

I agree! Rats are awesome!!!!

# Posted by ticah327 on 3:20, 24 November 2009


Wolves aren’t loners, they’re pack animals.

Bears are loners.

# Posted by Tessa and Kaylum on 1:41, 21 April 2010

I would probably have a mouse, I love my besties and I don’t like large groups, but I also fit songbird because I am chatting and dont think when talking…

# Posted by Lozza3395 on 7:54, 19 October 2010

Lozza3395's avatar

I would probably have a mouse, I love my besties and I don’t like large groups, but I also fit songbird because I am chatting and dont think when talking…

# Posted by Lozza3395 on 7:54, 19 October 2010

Lozza3395's avatar

My daemon isn’t settled yet - his main, favorite forms are a wildcat, wolf, small hawk, and ermine. His name is Aurelio, and I often think he’s going to settle either as a wildcat or a wolf.

# Posted by annablue on 18:39, 3 July 2011

My daemon, Ray, is an Archipelago Wolf, but he’s not like your analysis. I suggest the Daemon Page..?

# Posted by annablue on 14:00, 1 October 2011

My daemon, Adler, isn’t settled yet, but he’s often a jackrabbit or a European polecat, though he and I think he’ll settle in a completely different form- though one time, he was a polecat for a few weeks, then changed.

# Posted by Adler_And_Wolfy on 22:08, 31 March 2013

This is not a horrible post. It certainly does an admirable job of covering the very basic temperaments found in each group. However, I recommend going to The Daemon Page to learn more in depth information and find analyses for specific species.

# Posted by Hermits United on 1:00, 1 December 2014

Hermits United's avatar

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