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The Golden Compass Write-up

We started Tuesday the 27th in the wonderful hotel room in the Millennium. Three beds and a sofabed, and not one was being used. Yes, your faithful sraffie travelers were halfway through transcribing our round-table interviews, while Wisse (Samwise) edited our first video interview of Sam Elliot. Seven hours after midnight, it was time for a quick kip before the day began proper. I managed this much, getting about 6 hours in the 48 that we were awake for, while others slept and breakfasted around me (I'm not lazy, honest!). The day passed with some more transcribing, then as the evening closed in, it was time to change and leave for the premiere. We arrived at around 5:30, to the good ol' English drizzle. Fine night for it. After Wisse had set up his camera and we considered the irony behind being a large international website, and yet still HisDarkMaterials.org USA, I was off back to the hotel by cab to find a widget for Ryan's camera and wait for Edward, who was coming from Birmingham after doing a practical assessment in uni a few hours earlier. On the way, I discovered that he'd left his shoes on a train somewhere, so before we were going back to any premiere event, we had to find some new ones!


Ryan was rubbing shoulders with some of the biggest names in today's Hollywood – Sam Elliot, Eva Green, Chris Weitz- all gave our camera and administrator a look (and in Eva's case, a wink and bitten lip at Ryan! See the video for the full tabloid-esque detail!), and the premiere was underway. Wisse returned back to the hotel to meet Edd and me again, and we awaited Marijn's return for the premiere after-party tickets.

The after-party itself was a very impressive affair – each room was decorated in a different way – one representing the dæmons, another Jordan, a third the Alethiometer, the North, Gyptians, Magisterium- they were very eloquently laid out, and as Ryan descended to the VIP lounge (to rub shoulders with stars again), Edd and I explored the rest of the party along with Erica (Phit) and Thomas from Cittagazze.com. Two acquaintances were the marketing boss for the Golden Compass game from Sega and Alex, who was at Claridges two days before to demonstrate the, frankly amazing, third-person adventure. The award for "Most Notable" goes to Philip Pullman without a shadow of a doubt- although he seemed to be heading away from the loud music and back down into the safety of the VIP lounge. Most Impressive lies with Chris Weitz, who Edd and I were lucky enough to speak with. By the way, stay tuned for a full review of the final song of the Official Soundtrack!

The evening continued long into the night, ending at around 2:30 am when everybody decided that it was time to head for home. Unfortunately, the last coach to the Mariott (opposite the fair and beautiful Mayfair) had gone, so we caught a ride to Picadilly, then followed Ryan's directions as best we could. They weren't perfect, it has to be said; however, if we were going to a couple of cabbies who were there to tell us where the Mayfair was, they were absolutely spot on!

Upon returning, we continued to work for a short while, finishing the video and prepping some more items to upload, until I was too tired to stay awake (at about 6 am again!). However, we weren't sleeping yet, as we got some strange (but unreleasable) footage of Edd and me, filmed by Wisse and narrated by Ryan, lit by his flash. Good times, good times.

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