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Darkness Visible

Author(s): Nicholas Tucker
Publisher: Wizard Books, an imprint of Iconbooks
Publication Date: November 6, 2003
Format: Paperback, 224 Pages
ISBN: 1840464828

Editorial Overview

Philip Pullman is one of the world’s most popular and original authors, read by children and adults alike. Containing an astonishing cast of characters, from scholarly Oxford dons to armoured bears, witches, angels, murderous Spectres and hideous harpies drawn straight from Greek mythology, Pullman’s fiction can be read at many different levels. Darkness Visible looks at the world of Philip Pullman, from the flamboyant Sally Lockhart series and the award-winning Clockwork and I Was a Rat!, to the epic His Dark Materials trilogy. It shows the diverse influences – from Milton and Blake to comic books and radio drama – that have shaped his writing and uncovers the part played by Pullman’s unconventional childhood.

Written by acclaimed critic Nicholas Tucker, and packed with never-before-seen family photos, illustrations from Pullman’s beloved graphic novels and fresh material from recent interviews, this is both a celebration of Philip Pullman and a useful guide to the rich world of his fiction.


  • Biography of Philip Pullman
  • Photographs of Pullman
  • Sally Lockheart Series Information
  • Pullman's Other Stories
  • Pullman's His Dark Materials
  • Appendix: "On The Marionette Theatre," by Heinrich von Kleist

Reader Reviews

About the Author

Nicholas Tucker lives in Lewes and was a teacher and educational psychologist before lecturing in Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex. He is the author of five books about children, childhood and reading, including The Rough Guides to Children's Books, 0-5 and 5-11, with a third volume on teenage reading to be published later this year. He has also written six books for children, broadcasts frequently and reviews widely in the national press. But most of what he has learned about children's literature over the years has come from reading to his three children and now to their own children as well.


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