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Discovering The Golden Compass

Author(s): George Beahm
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication Date:
Format: Paperback, 206
ISBN: 978-1-57174-506-4

Editorial Overview

When Philip Pullman wrote The Golden Compass, the first book in the His Dark Materials trilogy, he introduced millions of readers to Lyra - a precocious, stubborn, and very unusual eleven-year-old girl. In her incredible world, very strange things are happening and important discoveries are being made. Here every human has a dæmon (in animal form), polar bears wear armor, and an interesting gadget called an alethiometer tells only the truth. Lyra's story continues in the next two books of the trilogy, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass, where we meet new people and explore more worlds.

With all these mysterious goings on, a roadmap helps, and who better to give you the inside information than George Beahm, who brought you his excellent Harry Potter companion books: Muggles and Magic and Fact, Fiction, and Folklore in Harry Potter's World.

Brimming with information, Discovering The Golden Compass includes a 10,000-word autobiographical essay by Pullman; a book-by-book look without spoiling any surprises; a glossary of key people, places, and things; information about the film and audio adaptations; and much more. With dozens of photos, art by Tim Kirk, and a 16-page full-color insert of Pullman's Oxford, this book is indispensable for both new and old Pullman fans who want to know more about the imaginative universe of His Dark Materials.

If you haven't already, discover this new world - there's magic here!


  • I have a feeling this all belongs to me: autobiography of Philip Pullman
  • Pointing the way: books of the His Dark Materials trilogy
  • Pointing the way: books beyond His Dark Materials
  • Dæmon Driven: artwork, illustrations, and full-color photographs of Oxford
  • Quotations, quips, and interviews from numerous resources
  • Adaptation information: His Dark Materials in theater, audio, and on the silver screen

Reader Reviews

About the Author

George Beahm, who published his first book in 1975, on cartoonist Vaughn Bode, has worked in the book industry as a self- published author, regional publisher, author, book consultant, marketing director, book designer, and typesetter. In 2000, he founded Flights of Imagination, to promote the work of artists (notably Tim Kirk, Donato Giancola, and Britton McDaniel) by publishing prints, arranging art exhibits, and working on special projects. Using the "Meet Your Dæmon" feature on the official website for the Golden Compass movie, George is pleased to discover that his dæmon is an ocelot. George currently lives with his wife, Mary, in Williamsburg, Virginia. His websites include: georgebeahm.com and flightsofimagination.com.


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