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Once Upon A Time In The North



In July of 2007, during an interview with the Israeli HDM community HDM.co.il, Philip Pullman revealed for fans a new adventure into the worlds of His Dark Materials: Once Upon A Time In The North, a second companion novel in the style of Lyra's Oxford.



A press release in September 2007 gave a story summary and more details.

The events of Once Upon a Time in the North happen before Lyra was born and in it we meet two of the most popular and enduring of Philip’s characters, the tough American balloonist Lee Scoresby and the great armoured bear and Lyra’s guardian, Iorek Byrnison. The story recounts the very first meeting of these two heroes, an encounter eagerly awaited by all Pullman fans. Lee Scoresby and his hare daemon, Hester, crash land their trading balloon on to Novy Odense, a port in the far Arctic North, and so find themselves right in the middle of a political powder keg that threatens to explode into a street-fight. Honour is at stake and Lee is not a man to duck a matter of honour. And this is the very first time that Lee gets to use his trusty and celebrated Winchester rifle . . .


Release Dates

  • UK: 3 April, 2008
  • US: 8 April, 2008



Produced in a cloth-bound book with illustrations from engraver John Lawrence, Once Upon A Time In The North features:

  • Photographs
  • Newspaper Clippings
  • An Arctic Ballonist Board Game, Challenge The Wind


Reader Reviews

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Press Release

Once Upon A Time In The North Board Game Map


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