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Green Means true.
Blue Means unconfirmed, but likely.
Yellow Means unconfirmed, but possible.
Orange Means unconfirmed and unlikely.
Red Means false.

The 3 books will be split in two films.

Unconfirmed, but unlikely. Although the stage adaptation is split into two parts it is expected that Newline will stick to three movies, as was mentioned in the Lyra´s Oxford press release.

"New Line Cinema, makers of the Lord of the Rings films, plan three major films of His Dark Materials; distinguished directors Stephen Daldry, Sam Mendes and Terry Jones have conveyed strong interest in directing. Sir Tom Stoppard has been commissioned to write the screenplay of Northern Lights."

Philip Pullman wants Nicole Kidman to play the role of the beautiful Mrs Coulter.

Yes, Nicole Kidman is to play the part of Mrs. Coulter

Ridley Scott will direct His Dark Materials.

No, it seems that Terry Jones didn't know what he was talking about on BBC Radio when he said Ridley Scott was directing His Dark Materials at New Line. Chris Weitz has since been selected to direct The Golden Compass

The Movies are to be released Fall 2007.

True: The release date is December 7, 2007, or somewhere very close.

The Movies will all be shot at the same time.

False The first film has already been shot.  It is possible the others will be shot together if the first is a success, seeing as it worked well for The Lord of The Rings.

Lyra will be turned into a boy.

No, Lyra is remaining a girl.

The scene were the Authority dies will be removed.

Unconfirmed, but a possibility. It depends on how willing New Line is to oppose the Church.

Peter Jackson is directing the movies.

No, although it would be great to have him direct His Dark Materials, Peter Jackson has not expressed any interest in directing the His Dark Materials movies.

The movies are optioned by Miramax.

No, it's New Line Cinema all the way.

John Faa is to be played by Sean Connery

No, Sean Connery does not have a role in The Golden Compass

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