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The film adaptation of "Northern Lights"/"The Golden Compass" was released on the 7th of December 2007 by New Line Cinema, supposedly as the first of three films.



The original director, Chris Weitz announced his resignation on December 15, 2004. Anand Tucker took over, but in May 2006 he left the project and Weitz returned. [1]


Paul Antony-Barber .... Bolvangar Doctor

Kathy Bates .... Hester

John Bett .... Thorold

Jim Carter .... Lord John Faa

Tom Courtenay .... Farder Coram

Daniel Craig .... Lord Asriel

Joao de Sousa .... Hunt

Sam Elliot .... Lee Scoresby

John Franklyn-Robbins .... Librarian

Freddie Highmore .... Pantalaimon

Eva Green .... Serafina Pekkala

Clare Higgins .... Ma Costa

Bill Hurst .... Police Captain

Nicole Kidman .... Mrs. Coulter

Jonathan Laury .... Younger Fellow

Steven Loton .... Tony Costa

Simon McBurney .... Fra Pavel

Ian McKellen (replaced Nonso Anozie) .... Iorek Byrnison

Ian McShane .... Ragnar Sturlusson (Iofur Raknison)

Hattie Morahan .... Sister Clara

James Rawlings .... Passing Scholar

Dakota Blue Richards .... Lyra Belacqua

Charlie Rowe .... Billy Costa

Jack Shepherd .... Master of Jordan College

Magda Szubanski .... Mrs. Lonsdale

Kristin Scott Thomas .... Stelmaria

Ben Walker .... Roger Parslow

Jason Watkins .... Bolvangar official

Lyra was cast by open audition in the spring of 2006.

Main crew

Henry Braham - Cinematographer

Anne V. Coates - Editor

Alexandre Desplat - Composer

Michael Fink - Visual Effects Supervisor

Dennis Gassner - Production Designer

Peter King - Makeup and Hair Designer

Ruth Myers - Costume Designer

Production News

"The Golden Compass" began filming on September 4, 2006.

The entire film was being shot in England, with the exception of some pickups and area shots.

Location shooting took place in Oxford, London, and Sutton Bridge.

All "North" scenes were shot green-screen.

Filming ended by February, 2007, although later pickups were filmed in Switzerland of Lord Asriel being captured by the Samoyeds.

Visual effects animation was complete as of September 16, 2007.

In early October, 2007, New Line made the decision to remove the end of the film, corresponding to the final three chapters of the book, to be placed at the beginning of the second film, should it be made.

The world premiere was November 27, 2007 in London.

Sneak preview showings of the film will take place in select theaters on December 1.

The release date in several European countries was December 5, 2007.

The US release date was December 7, 2007.

Promotion and Publicity

The Official Movie Website went on-line on December 7, 2006, unusually early for a movie website.

An extended preview of the film was shown at Cannes Film Festival 2007, accompanied by a press conference with the director and several of the stars, and a gala party.

An extended preview of the film was shown at the Comic Con Convention 2007, along with a booth with props from the film.

A sneak peek of the film was be shown at a New Line Gala in the New York Film Festival on October 5, which was attended by Nicole Kidman.

The official final trailer was released in New York City, at Rockefeller Center, at the season opening of the Rockefeller Center skating rink. The event was hosted by Sam Elliot.

The world premiere of the film was on November 27, in London. It was attended by many of the stars, as well as Philip Pullman.

Sneak preview showings of the film took place in select theaters in the United States on December 1.

Box Office Performance

As of January 17, 2008, The Golden Compass had a cumulative domestic (US) gross of $67,672,000 and a cumulative foreign gross of $245,728,619, for a total worldwide gross of $313,400,619. At 21.6% domestic and 78.4% international, The Golden Compass has been unusually reliant on its international success. New Line licensed the international distribution rights to various local distributors, so does not directly profit from international box office intake.

In the United States, the opening weekend brought in $25,783,232 (3,528 theaters, $7,308 average), representing 38.1% of the total gross. The film's widest release was 3,528 theaters.

-- Source: BoxOfficeMojo.com

Academy Award Nominations

The Golden Compass has been nominated for two Academy Awards: Best Art Direction and Best Visual Effects.


The standard edition

The Golden Compass will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on April 29th, 2008. There will be two editions available: A standard DVD version and a special two disc edition on both DVD and Blu-ray. The special edition will have two hours of extra footage including a Behind The Scenes look and a Lyra’s world feature.

Only the standard cut as seen in cinemas will be featured, there’s no word of an extended or director’s cut yet.

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