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Welcome to the Srafopedia

The Srafopedia is the wiki of, an encyclopedia that everyone can edit! It features articles on everything His Dark Materials-related, interlinked with each other, with external links for more information.

Getting Started With Srafopedia

We strongly recommend you create an account using the option at the top right: "log in/create an account." This allows you to get credit for your work and will prevent you from being blocked if someone using the same ISP is blocked.

You can see all the current pages by going to All Pages. To find out what pages are linked to but don't exist yet, go to Wanted Pages. An easy way to find articles of a particular type is to look through the Categories. The main categories are organized below for easy navigation.

For detailed information about the Srafopedia, such as its history, or how to edit pages, please go to our Help Page.

For the latest information, news, needs, techniques, etc. on Srafopedia, or to get help, go to this thread in CittĂ gazze: Encyclopedia/Wiki Thread CittĂ gazze or check out the Community Portal.

Just remember, when entering information, make sure that your credit the sources, and only copy information that is not under copyright.

Good luck!


Major Categories

Note: Most of these categories have numerous sub-categories.

Real World

His Dark Materials Books

His Dark Materials

The Worlds of His Dark Materials



Organizations and Factions




Be Warned

To state the obvious, Srafopedia contains spoilers.

Books v. Films

Srafopedia is primarily a resource for readers of the His Dark Materials books; however, it does include some information on the film adaptation His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass. A far more complete resource for information about the film is the His Dark Materials Movies Information section of

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